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What is Sleep Apnea?
What is Nasal CPAP?
What CPAP is right for me?
What CPAP mask is right for me?
How do I use a humidifier with my CPAP unit?
Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to improve the CPAP experience?
Do I need to wash my hands prior to handling CPAP equipment?
How do I clean and disinfect my CPAP equipment?
How often do I need to clean and disinfect my CPAP equipment?
Are there any physical problems I need to be aware of?
What physical problems can arise from Mask use? Why? and What can I do?
My CPAP unit doesn't seem to be working right, How can I check?
What safety precautions should I follow with my CPAP unit?
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Your doctor may prescribe a humidifier to be used with your nasal CPAP unit. To use your CPAP unit with a humidifier, follow these steps:
Step One - Fill the humidifier with distilled or boiled tap water.
DO NOT OVERFILL. Never put medicines in your humidifier.
Connect the humidifier to the CPAP unit while the unit is turned off.
Step Two - Take the short connecting tube and attach one of its ends to the air outlet port on your CPAP unit and attach its opposite end to the inlet port on the humidifier.
You are now ready to use your humidifier.

If your humidifier is integrated or ATTACHED to your CPAP unit, then you only need to attach your long hose to the outlet port.

General Tips and Suggestions on CPAP Therapy

Getting a Good Night's Rest
Setting Up Your CPAP Unit
Getting Ready For Bed

Always wash your hands prior to handling your CPAP equipment.

Step One - Wet hands thoroughly with water.
Step Two - Place soap in palm of one hand.
Step Three - Wash hands for one to two minutes using a rotary motion and friction.
Wash the Backs and Palms of each hand. Wash Between all your fingers.
Step Four - Thoroughly rinse both hands under running water.

Physical Problems

If you experience any of the following problems, call your doctor.
• Fever or chills
• Wheezing
• Increased mucus production
• Headaches
• Increased irritability
• Loss of appetite
• Audible grunting
• Increased shortness of breath
• Chest pain
• Increased cough
• Change in mucus color
• Swelling in your ankles
• Swelling around your eyes
• Weight gain overnight
• Feeling dizzy or sleepy
• Decreased concentration
• Any change in physical sensation after taking a new medicine

Physical Problems Resulting From Mask Use

Sore or dry eyes
Redness on the face where the mask contacts the skin
Runny nose
Cold nose
Dryness or burning sensation in the throat or nose
Nasal, sinus, or ear pain

Problems With the CPAP Unit

Problems with pressure or air flow
The CPAP unit does not seem to be working

Safety Precautions

Never immerse the CPAP unit in water!
Never try to clean the compressor by placing it in water. The electrical components will be damaged and the user will receive an electrical shock the next time the unit is plugged into an electrical outlet.

Never plug in the CPAP unit if it is wet or damp.
Moisture always increases the potential of electrical shock.

Never plug your CPAP unit into an electrical outlet that is being used to supply power to another appliance.
Plug your CPAP unit into an electrical outlet that is NOT being used to supply electricity to other appliances. If you need to use the same outlet that is shared by other equipment, make sure the other appliances are NOT being used at the same time.

Never try to repair your CPAP unit.
Your CPAP unit is considered medical equipment and needs to be worked on by an electrical professional. If you are renting this equipment, call Certified Provider of Airway Products and your machine will be replaced. If you have purchased the compressor, contact an approved electrical repair center.

Never use your CPAP unit with an extension cord.

Make sure to read the manual that came with your CPAP unit and also follow their safety precautions.
If you have misplaced your manual, many manufacturers have downloadable versions or a way for you to get another copy on their websites.
Click here for a list of Manufacturer Websites

Applicable Tax

Medical equipment is not taxable, however certain supplies for sale on this website do not directly qualify as medical equipment. These items are subject to local sales tax.
Click here for complete list of taxable items on sale

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